Now, Brahmin leader announces reward for Manjhi’s head

Patna, Dec 26 (IANS) After BJP’s Gajendra Jha, another Brahmin leader on Sunday announced a reward for anyone who takes physical action against Bihar’s former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi, who is in a storm over his “derogatory” comments against the community.
Rahul Lawanya, of the International Brahmin Maha Sanstha, announced a reward of Rs 21 lakh for beheading Manjhi.
He announced the reward while interacting with local reporters after an event in Agra where his supporters of Lawanya burnt the effigy of Manjhi.
He also slammed BJP for taking action against Jha, who, on December 20, announced a reward of Rs 11 lakh to any person who would chop off the tongue of Manjhi.
“BJP is an anti-Brahmin party in the country and that’s why it is supporting Manjhi in Bihar. Gajendra Jha is the prime example of it. He talked against Manjhi and BJP terminated him couple of days later. BJP talked about Shri Ram and also supporting Manjhi, who has challenged his existence,” Lawanya said.
Manjhi, while addressing his community in Patna on December 19, had made allegedly derogatory remarks against Brahmins. He said that Brahmins used to do Satya Narayan Puja in our community but they do not eat foods in their houses, and instead, demand money.
He, however, apologised for his comments, saying that he is against Brahaminism and not against Brahmins. The Brahaminism ideology advocate untouchability phenomenon in society and they believe that Dalits are untouchables, he said.
However, Brahmin groups had taken umbrage. They also organised a Satya Narayan Puja on outside the residence of Manjhi in Patna on December 23, while noting that Manjhi frequently speak ill of Hindu deities.
Meanwhile, Manjhi, after strong protest by the Brahmin community, said that he is going to organise a Brahmin-Dalit Bhoj in his official residence on December 27. However, he noted that only those Brahmins should come for the Bhoj who had not eaten non-vegetarian food, drunk liquor and were not involved in any crime in their lives.

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