Now Arun Nehru jumps on to the bandwagon


Subramanian Venkataraman
Via e-mail

There has been a cacophony of protests from the sycophants of the first family against the Opposition allegation that it was Rajiv Gandhi who let Warren Anderson escape after the Bhopal gas tragedy. The latest to jump on to this bandwagon is Arun Nehru, a one-time crony of the former Prime Minister (“Arjun Singh, not Rajiv, decided Anderson release: Arun Nehru,” DNA, June 14). After a lot of pussy-footing  the Congress high command has also ordered Pranab Mukherjee, Congress’ permanent trouble-shooter, to put the blame squarely on Arjun Singh, claiming that Rajiv Gandhi did not know anything about Anderson’s release. Do these people assume that we are all idiots to believe that a Chief Minister would have taken such a decision with legal and international ramifications without the explicit consent of the Prime Minister?

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