Noida’s ‘roti bank’ fed 3L people 18.2L breads in lockdown

New Delhi, June 10 (IANS) To feed the poor, the Noida Authority in tandem with scores of housing societies served 18.2 lakh rotis (breads) to over 300,000 people, who were pushed into deep distress due to months-long nationwide lockdown.
The ‘Roti Bank Project’ was started with the contribution of 400 breads by the people of three condominiums in Noida’s 7 sectors on April 12. In 57 days, the contributions peaked to over 52,000 breads a day.
Through collective efforts, those breads were collected from over 60 societies every day. Vehicles ferried them to the Noida Authority’s five community kitchens, where they were served to laborers and the poor with cooked vegetables and pulses.
The project, however, culminated on June 7, a day before the government allowed opening up of businesses in the district.
Nonetheless, as many as 18,20,850 breads were served to 3,67,720 people in these two months.
On the last day, over 37,421 breads were fed to the destitute. On June 6, 21,125 chapatis were served. May 26 witnessed the highest number of contributions at 5,13,861 breads.
Chief Executive Officer of the Noida Authority Ritu Maheshwari lauded people for contributing to the ‘roti bank’ during the pandemic.
“Even a small contribution, when made by a large number of people, consistently, can make a big difference. I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers,” she said.
The project had started with a discussion between three people from Assotech Windsor Court and Antariksh Golf View societies.
Giriraj Bahediya from Windsor Court, who initially worked on the idea, told IANS, “We started with 400 breads. The project gave a platform to common people to come out and help those in need, while also taking care of their health during the pandemic.”
Bahediya said people were urged to drop at least four breads in a box kept near the reception. The breads would later be collected by the Noida Authority.
People living in other societies got associated with the project as the word spread through various social media platforms.
After the culmination of this project, Bahediya and others, in coordination with the Noida Authority have started the “labor project”. Under this, laborers are connected with businesses who require the workforce.

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