Nobody can touch me at least till Lok Sabha polls: Kumaraswamy

BENGALURU: As questions over the longevity of the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in Karnataka lingered, Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on June 15 said no one can ‘touch’ him at least till the 2019 Lok Sabha polls are over.
“This coalition government will function with stability. I know, no one can touch me for one year. I will be there at least for one year, until the Lok Sabha election is over. Until then, no one can do anything to me,” he said.
Addressing an event here, Kumaraswamy said he would not remain silent during the period that he has got and would focus on taking decisions for the benefit of the state.
The Chief Minister said he would not waste his time and immerse himself in work as it was important that the state progresses in all spheres.
“So in the opportunity that I have got, rather than going into what others have done, what I have done will be my message. in doing this, the environment is also in my favour (with good rains),” he added.
Kumaraswamy’s comments come even as his government is facing the birth pangs of coalition politics, following the disquiet among newly elected Congress lawmakers who were left out during the Cabinet expansion.
As the May 12 assembly polls in the state threw up a hung assembly, Congress and JD(S) who had bitterly fought each other, joined hands to form a post-poll alliance to keep out the BJP, which had emerged as the single largest party.
The Chief Minister also reiterated that he was committed to waiving farm loans and would announce it shortly.
“Dear farmers, Let there be no confusion on farm loan waiver. I am fully committed to the loan waiver. I want to ensure it is done scientifically benefiting maximum number of farmers. I am working on the modalities and will announce it shortly,” Kumaraswamy said in a tweet on his official twitter handle @CMofKarnataka.

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