No pressure from Delhi: BSY ‘voluntarily resigns’

Bengaluru, July 26 (IANS) Outgoing BJP Chief Minister in Karnataka, B.S. Yediyurappa, categorically stated that there was no pressure from party high command to tender his resignation as he submitted his letter to Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot on Monday.
Speaking after his visit to the Raj Bhawan, Interim Chief Minister Yediyurappa stated, he voluntarily took the decision to step down from the post to make way for a new CM in the state.
He also maintained that he will continue in politics serving the party organisation.
He said he will not ask for any position from the party in future. “There is no question of me sitting idle or going out of politics. I will strive to bring back the party to power every time,” he underlined.
“I once again add that, there was no pressure from Delhi. I only decided to tender resignation on the occasion of completion of two years in office,” he stated.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party president J.P.Nadda and Home Minister Amit Shah have not forced me to take any decision,” he stated. “I am doing this so that, the party could install a new face in the state as the CM,” he added.
The BJP high command was tense over the process of changing the leadership of Karnataka as the Monday developments progressed but heaved a sigh of relief as the former CM Yediyurappa’s “voluntarily resigned” statement came through.
Yediyurappa’s announcement finally brought the curtains down on a week-long suspense surrounding his continuation as Karnataka chief minister.

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