‘No helmet, no petrol’ rule comes into force in Andhra Pradesh

AMARAVATI: ‘No helmet, no petrol’ rule for two-wheeler riders to reduce road accident deaths has come into force in Andhra Pradesh on September 28, with chief minister Chandrababu Naidu urging all the petrol bunk dealers to cooperate.
Chandrababu has sanctioned Rs 10 crore for equipment to implement this rule. He also ordered the officials to conduct a weekly check on the motorists for effective implementation of the rule. Naidu said that road safety rules must be implemented strictly to reduce the number of road accidents in the states.
The new traffic rule is likely to make a huge difference in the state.
Advising the officials to geotag the vehicles, the chief minister further asked them to bring awareness among the public on wearing helmets and seat belts. For car drivers, it is a must to wear the seat belts.

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