Nitish launches development schemes worth Rs. 904 crore

Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated and laid stones of schemes worth Rs 904 crore at Madhepura and Saharsa during the third leg of his Vikas Sameeksha Yatra on January 4.
At least 51 schemes worth Rs 85 crore were inaugurated and stones of 109 schemes worth Rs 193 crore laid by the CM at Saharsa. Similarly, 658 schemes worth Rs 138 crore were inaugurated and stones of 907 schemes worth Rs 488 crore laid at Madheupra.
The CM restrained policemen from going after a group of youngsters, who waved black flags at his public meeting at Saharsa, saying “dissent lends beauty to democracy.”
The incident took place at Sulindabad village where a few men belonging to an unidentified organization waived black flags following which policemen rushed to nab them. The CM, who was in the middle of his speech, asked the policemen, “Where are you going? Keep off them. Let them show black flags. These boys are barely four or five in number but if you go after them, they will become the focus of attention.”
He added, “Dissent must be allowed as it lends beauty to democracy. Moreover, what is wrong with the black color? It is a fine shade.”
On seeing that the youths stopped waving black flags, he asked them: “What happened. Why have you hidden your black flags? Please carry on.”
The reason for the protest could not be known immediately.
The CM underlined the efforts made by his government towards providing electricity, sanitation facilities and safe drinking water to the remotest parts of the state under his ‘Saat Nischay’, or seven resolves.
“Electricity reached every village by the end of 2017 and it will reach every habitation (tola) by April this year. Besides, every household will get tap water supply, road and drain, and toilet in four years. Community toilets are being constructed for those houses which do not have space for toilets,” Nitish said.
He also talked about the ongoing social reforms under the ‘Saat Nischay’. “We implemented liquor prohibition in Bihar following demand from women. Prohibition has laid the foundation for a positive change in society. The people, who were wasting money on liquor, are now spending it on the betterment of their family,” he said.
The CM said crime rate has fallen down in the state and Bihar now stands at 22nd position in terms of crime in the country. He however added that Bihar stands at second position in terms of crimes related to dowry and the state government has accordingly launched a campaign against dowry and child marriage.

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