Nirupa Roy’s sons fight over her bedroom

Mumbai: Remember the famous ‘Mere pas maa hai’ dialogue from iconic film, Deewar? Well, the ‘maa’ was Nirupa Roy, Bollywood’s symbol of a sacrificing mother. In the yesteryears, Nirupa Roy had sons like Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor who fought with each other to keep her with them in reel life.

The veteran actor died in 2004 and her real sons are now fighting with each other for her bedroom. There has come a ‘Deewar’ between her two sons Kiran (45) and Yogesh (57) over property.

Nirupa Roy owned an apartment in Nepean Sea Road (Mumbai) for which the fight began as soon as she died. But the family dispute landed up in the courts only after the actor’s husband passed away in 2015. The property’s actual cost is Rs. 100 crore.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the two brothers are having a dispute over Nirupa Roy’s bedroom as the rest of the property including the hall, kitchen and the garden are already divided between the two. But now, they want exclusive right to a particular room.

Reports suggest that Kiran moved the high court in 2015, accusing his elder brother of “threatening and intimidating” him to gain “complete control” of the house. He claimed that his mother Nirupa and father Kamal Roy made him the sole owner of the property in the will. His petition demanding restrictions on his brother Yogesh from entering the bedroom of the spacious house was rejected.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Kiran said, “I stayed with my parents during their last days, when they were tortured by Yogesh and his wife. In my father’s will, which was executed in December 2004, he made me the sole owner of the Nepean Sea Road flat, but allowed my brother and his family to reside there on the condition that they never enter my parents’ bedroom.”

While Yogesh was unavailable for comment, his application in the court says that the bedroom was given to him and not his brother Kiran. He also told the court that he has the keys to the bedroom with him so that his younger brother cannot misuse it.

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