Nirbhaya saga: What awaits the killers

New Delhi, March 19 (IANS)
After many years of a torturous legal battle, the moment is finally upon us when the perpetrators of a crime that shook the nation will get their just deserts.
IANS spoke to experts on what will follow the execution process as the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case are sent to the gallows at 5:30 a.m. on Friday, March 20, at Delhi’s Tihar Jail.
Satendra Kumar Sharma, legal expert and senior criminal lawyer at Tis Hazari court, said: “The four Nirbhaya convicts have been sentenced to death by the courts of the country. Nevertheless, these deaths will be considered as ‘custodial deaths’ from the perspective of Indian law.”
Dr L.C. Gupta, forensic science expert, told IANS: “Following changes in the CrPC, it will be the responsibility of the Metropolitan Magistrate to send the bodies of the killers of Nirbhaya to the post-mortem house. The doctor present will legally declare the convicts ‘dead’ in writing. After that, the bodies of the four will be taken over by the Metropolitan Magistrate (MM) present on the spot. Only the MM will fill the ‘panchnama’ of the four bodies. After that, it will also be the responsibility of MM to deliver the sealed bodies to the post-mortem panel.”
“During the post-mortem, the photography and videography of the entire process will be done. A copy of the four post-mortem reports will be given to the MM, the panel’s forensic science experts and the National Human Rights Commission,” Gupta said.
According to senior advocate Shailendra: “The Delhi Police will be responsible for the order of MM on completion of the post-mortem process including for the legal delivery of the dead bodies to their concerned families.”

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