New Toyota recall sees global tally near 8 million

Brussels, Jan 29: Japanese automaker Toyota ordered a new mass auto recall today, pulling up to 1.8 million vehicles from Europe, as rivals Honda recalled 646,000 of its cars worldwide.

The latest in a series of recalls which has now hit almost eight million Toyota cars worldwide, was again due to an accelerator problem and covered eight separate s and dates ranging back to February 2005.

That is equivalent to Toyota’s entire worldwide sales last year of 7.81 million vehicles.

“The precise number of involved units is still under investigation but may reach up to 1.8 million vehicles,” Toyota said in a statement from Brussels on the new European recall.

Meanwhile, Honda’s worldwide recall, due to a window switch problem, affects Fit/Jazz cars made between 2002 and 2008 in Japan, China, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

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