New HP Slate Comes With Palm’s WebOS

Ever since HP took over Palm, various critics have begun saying that it could also mean something for the HP Slate, which is poised to come out very soon. This device is taunted as the next best thing you can have if you’re not into Apple’s iPad.  It also seems like a promising alternative, so no worries there.

The HP Slate has a built-in camera, video-recording capability, USB port, an SD card reader and support for  Adobe Flash. It almost have the same features as Apple iPad’s aside from the fact that this is incredibly cheaper compared to all other high-end tablets you can find in the market.

But as HP just acquired Palm last month, it looks like this Slate will also be released with Palm’s operating system, WebOS, which was created for its Palm Pre and Pixi Plus. It could be a good partner with the HP Slate.

The HP Slate will cost about $550 for the 32GB version and $600 for the $64GB version.

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