New Covid wave: India, Pak, SL among least hit; Japan worst

Mumbai, Dec 24 (IANS) Amid the ongoing new Covid-19 global scare, the Christmas Eve figures show that India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are among the lowest hit in the South Asian region, while Japan leads the world in terms of new infections.
According to Worldometer, India notched 188 fresh cases till Friday and in the immediate neighbourhood are Pakistan with 15 cases, 11 in Afghanistan and five in Sri Lanka.
However, other neighbours like Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh had zero infections, and the same was with Thailand, a popular tourist destination for Indians.
However, Japan is at the top now with 173,336 new cases recorded on Friday, followed by Brazil (70,415), South Korea (68,168), with a total of around 75 countries coming in the grip of the fresh outbreak, with a total of 532,142 new cases logged worldwide.
From the start of the pandemic in late 2019, the US has recorded the highest infections — 10,22,03,321 — as well as deaths — 11,15,913.
India stands second in terms of total infections till date — 4,46,78,008, but with much less fatalities, at 530,691, compared with some other countries.
Globally, from the start of the pandemic, the world has registered a total of 66,10,36,294 Covid-19 cases and 66,84,312.

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