Need for equality of existence


By  Gopala Pillai
Via e-mail

Detroit, MI: In his opinion piece — Israel can’t justify action on Freedom Flotilla – published in India Tribune dated June 26, Jagjit Singh’s  comments are thought-provoking. I see the tension in the letter. Actually every human being should be worried about this. The world has become a dangerous place as we see in Middle East and Korea and many other places. There is a long list like China grabbing Tibet and China taking Indian land in Barahothi, so on and so forth. One thing we forget is the fourth dimension — time. People trace time backwards and suddenly stop it, when it is advantageous to their cause.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement recently after visiting Pakistan was realistic when she stated that Pakistan considers India as its number one enemy. Remem-ber the old saying that enemy’s enemy is a friend.

How to solve these difficult problems is mind-boggling. Complex problems cannot be solved by simple equations. Religious fanaticism, monetary greed, territorial en-croachments,  etc.,  are deep-rooted evils in human mind. We have no easy answers. Nirguna Parabrahmam and Samabhavana may be a step in the right direction. Are we ready?

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