Nearly half of H1B visa holders are from India: Report


Washington, DC: Nearly half of H-1B work visa holders in the US were from India, who were mostly hired for technology-related positions, according to an official report.

The Government Account-ability Office (GAO) said that between 2000 and 2009, 46.9 percent of the total approved H-1B visa holders had India as their country of birth.

β€œOver the last decade, the top four countries of birth for approved H-1B workers were India, China, Canada and the Philippines. Across all 10 years, about 64 percent of approved H-1B workers were born in these four countries, with the largest group from India,” it added.

The H1B cap for 2011 quota is 65,000 for general category. To ensure that the H-1B program continues to meet the needs of businesses in a global economy while maintaining a balance of protections for US workers, the report recommends that the Congress may wish to consider reviewing the merits and shortcomings of key program provisions and making appropriate changes as needed.

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