Nawazuddin Siddiqui reacts on his racism tweet

Mumbai: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is known for speaking his mind, has always maintained that the Indian film industry is not biased. While many debated on the issue of nepotism, he talked in favor of the industry and said if nepotism prevailed, he would have never reached where he is today. His success story too supported his claims. But late on Monday evening, something happened which irked the Munna Michael actor and he took to Twitter to share his thoughts with fans. “Thank U 4 making me realize dat I cannot b paired along wid d fair & handsome bcz I m dark & not good looking, but I never focus on that,” tweeted Nawazuddin.
As got in touch with the actor and asked him the real reason behind the tweet, the actor refused to name the person who made him ponder upon his physical appearance once again. He said, “Someone told me something the other day. Thus I wrote what I felt. I will not take the name of the person though.”
“I have always been hearing stuff like this that why are you going to Bollywood. Shakal dekhlo. You are not a fair and a handsome boy. From the day I have aspired to be an actor, people have looked at me from head to toe and with furrowed brows have asked me, ‘Tu actor hai’ (are you an actor)?” added the Munna Michael actor.
Nawazuddin, who started his film career early in 1999, initially made many blink and miss appearances in several movies. The actor revealed whenever he used to visit the office of the filmmakers, people used to doubt whether he was an actor. “They used to tell me I’m not a hero material. My question is what is a hero material. It’s been 12 years that I have been in this industry and still, I don’t know what do you mean by the term hero material?”

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