National Karting C’ship 2023: Yatharth Gaur bags victory in tight Micro Max final

Yatharth Gaur bags victory in a tight final of the Micro Max in the second round of the National Karting Championship 2023 in Bengaluru on Tuesday. — IANS

Bengaluru, Sep 5 (IANS) The 9-year-old Yatharth Gaur of Leap Frog Racing came up with a brilliant performance to take a hard-fought victory in the final of the Micro Max category in the second round of the FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting Championship 2023 held at Meco Kartopia here.

Yatharth, a Class 5 student of Manav Rachna International School in Faridabad, turned turtle after an accident in Heat 2 but showed immense resilience to bounce back and take second place behind Darsh Nawalgaria in the 10-lap race in the Pre-finals. 

The very competitive Micro Max class had 15 entries and saw some tight battles while the Junior Max and Senior Max races were dominated by Bengaluru boys — Peregrine’s Ishaan Madesh (Juniors) and Birel Art’s Abhay M (Seniors) who won both races.

In the pre-final of the Junior class, Oman-based Shivali Sinha, took a creditable second place while another girl, Shriya Lohia, completed the podium. Both the races were won by Ishaan Madesh. 

In the Senior class, Akshat Mishra got a double podium while Adithiya Arvind came second in the Finals and Aditya Patnaik took a podium in the Pre-finals. Abhay M won a double.

Provisional Results:

Senior Max: Final (15 laps): 1. Abhay M (Bengaluru) 15:41.242; 2. Adhithiya Arvind (Chennai) 15:45.203; 3. Akshat Mishra (Bengaluru) 15:47.146.

Pre-Final (14 laps): 1. Abhay M (Bengaluru) 12:55.990; 2. Akshat Mishra (Bengaluru) 12:56.906; 3. Aditya Patnaik (Mumbai) 12:57.189).

Junior Max: Final (14 laps): 1. Ishaan Madesh (Bengaluru) 13:02.503; 2. Nikhilesh Raju (Bengaluru 13:07.837; 3. Hunner Singh (Gurugram) 13:12.693.

Pre-Final (12 laps): 1. Ishaan Madesh (Bengaluru) 11:07.976; 2. Shivali Sinha (Oman) 11:10.220; 3. Shriya Lohia (Sundernagar) 11:10.651.

Micro Max Final (12 laps): 1. Yatharth Gaur (Faridabad) 12:18.082; 2. Rehan Khan R (Chennai) 12:19.615; 3. Eshanth Vengatesan (Chennai) 12:23.383.

Pre-Final (10 Laps): 1. Darsh Nawalgaria (Bengaluru) 10:10.924; 2. Yatharth Gaur (Faridabad) 10:11.074; 3. Zephaan Ardeshir (Mumbai) 10:11.256.

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