Name Ayodhya mosque as ‘Sufi Masjid’

Kanpur (UP), Aug 16 (IANS) The Madariya Sufi Foundation has written to the chairman of UP Central Sunni Waqf Board, suggesting that the mosque that will come up at the land provided by the government in lieu of Babri masjid at Dhannipur village in Ayodhya, be named as ‘Sufi Masjid’.
“The naming of the mosque as ‘Sufi Masjid’ will help promote harmony and endorse Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb. On behalf of Sufi leaders, sajjada nasheens of dargahs, Islamic scholars and peace-loving citizens of our country, we appeal to the Sunni board that this will have a positive impact nationwide,” said Haji Mohd. Sameer Aziz Boghani, president, Madariya Sufi Foundation.
Boghani said, “India is an example of peaceful co-existence of various religions, creeds and faiths. Sufis were firm in abstaining from religious conflict and are recognized as peaceful members of society. Sufi teachings of spirituality, tolerance and global harmony still resonate with common people. Sufism is an antidote to extremism.”

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