Naini jail inmates to represent India in world chess championship

Prayagraj, Oct 13 (IANS) Prisoners of Naini Central Jail who have been coached by Grandmaster Abhijit Kunte, will now participate in an international chess championship.
The Naini and Pune Central Jails will represent the country in the World Chess Federation tournament.
Senior superintendent of Naini Central Jail, P.N. Pandey, said that 85 teams from 42 countries are participating in the global event.
Inmates from the two prisons were selected after 20 jails from different Indian states went up against each other in an initial phase of the tournament.
The Naini and Pune teams will be playing against their counterparts in jails of Australian and other Asian countries.
The Naini team comprises Rajesh Gaud, Vakeel Ahmad, Nitesh Kumar, Mohd Umar, Sachhidanand, Chandra Mohan, Dharmraj Yadav and Shalu Sonkar.
Abhijit Kunte, a Dhyan Chand Award recipient, was requested to coach the inmates given the relevance of the tournament, jail authorities said.
“The prisoners are filled with confidence. Their participation will help them in their re-entry to society once they are released from jail,” Kunte said.
So far, 1,800 prisoners from 40 jails across the country have been given training in sports.

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