Naidu calls for revisiting Indian history textbooks with an Indian perspective

Vijaywada, March 2 (IANS) Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday emphasized the need for revisiting our history textbooks with an Indian perspective in order to instil a sense of pride in our glorious cultural heritage among the younger generation.
Addressing the 75th anniversary celebrations of Sir C R Reddy Educational Institutions at Eluru in Andhra Pradesh, he reminded the students that India was once known as a ‘Vishwa Guru’ and called upon them to revisit our roots and protect and preserve our traditions and culture.
Emphasizing the need to re-establish ourselves, he urged everyone to strive hard to develop India into a powerful country that is free from hunger and corruption with no discrimination against anybody. “Everything cannot be left to the government alone, rather, individuals, industry, philanthropists and civil society – all must come together to bring about the desired change,” he said.
Stressing the need for value based education, the Vice President said that education should be treated as a mission for the promotion of the nation. Highlighting the role of a ‘Guru’ in Indian tradition, he asked the students to always remember the contribution of their teachers in their lives.
Talking about ethics in politics, Naidu urged the people to select and elect their representatives on the basis of 4Cs — Character, Calibre, Conduct and Capacity to strengthen democracy, and discourage the other 4Cs “caste, cash, community and criminality.
Praising the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) for its focus on education in the mother tongue, he noted that one must learn as many languages as possible, but primacy should be given to build a strong foundation in the mother tongue.
Underscoring the need to transform teaching methodologies to make universities thriving hubs of knowledge and innovation, he appealed to all the states and educational institutions to implement NEP-2020 in letter and spirit.
Sharing his success mantra with the students, the Vice President emphasized the need for dedication, perseverance, hard work, discipline, self-belief and a strong will to achieve excellence and reach one’s goal. “Please remember that be it studies or sports, a champion is not made in a day,” he added.
He also urged educational institutions to give equal importance to studies, sports, co-curricular and recreational activities and the young students should follow the spirit of service in line with the age old Indian philosophy of ‘share & care’.
Recalling the contribution of Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy, the distinguished educationist and the then Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University, the Vice President said that people will forever remain grateful to him for his work in furthering the cause of education in Andhra Pradesh.
He also lauded Sir CR Reddy for his efforts to ensure education for all sections of the society and urged the youth to take inspiration from his life and build an India that will be free from every type of discrimination.

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