Mysuru: A glimpse of royal era darbar

Mysuru: Bringing to life a slice of the royal era of old , the 27th scion of the Mysuru royal family, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, ascended the over 800-year- old golden throne dressed in his royal robes, a navy blue turban laced with pearls, and wearing antique jewelry, as part of the Dasara celebrations that began here on September 21.
The young royal later held a symbolic private darbar in the illuminated Amba Vilas darbar hall of the Mysuru palace.
Mr Wadiyar, who began his day at 6 am, participated in the ritual of attaching the lion mask to the golden throne, offered poojas to the royal family’s deity, goddess Chamundeswari and had a kankana tied to his hand before entering the darbar hall along with his royal assistants to the tunes of the nadaswara and police band.
Ascending the throne at 12.53 p.m, he symbolically accepted “nazar” from his relatives, also dressed traditionally, and prasadam from various temples like the Tirumala, Chamundi, Nanjangud Srikanteswara, Srirangapatna and Ranganatha besides the 13 temples in the palace grounds .
His wife, Trishikadevi, dressed in a red brocade saree, performed the aarathi and offered paada pooja, while his adopted mother, Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, sat beside him in a hall adjacent to the darbar hall. Mr Yaduveer’s biological mother, Tripurasundaradevi, too participated in the private darbar.
Minister Pramod Madhwaraj, who was present on the occasion, offered Dasara greetings to the royal family.
Mr Yaduveer , who held a similar darbar around 7 pm on Thursday evening, will continue to hold it till September 29, when the mask of the lion will be removed from the golden throne and placed in storage until next Dasara.

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