Musk vs Zuckerburg cage fight to be live-streamed on X

Zuckerberg ‘not sure’ whether cage fight with Musk will happen. — IANS

San Francisco, Aug 6 (IANS) The much-anticipated cage fight — dubbed as the fight of the century — between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg will be live-streamed on X (formerly Twitter).

“Zuck v Musk fight will be live-streamed on X. All proceeds will go to charity for veterans,” the tech billionaire posted on X on Sunday.

In another post, Musk said he is preparing for the fight and lifting weights at work because he doesn’t have time to work out.

“Am lifting weights throughout the day, preparing for the fight. Don’t have time to work out, so I just bring them to work,” he wrote.

In the comment section, a user asked, “Elon, what is the point of the fight? Is it to motivate you to work out?”.

To which he replied, “It’s a civilised form of war. Men love war”.

Last month, Zuckerberg said that he is “not sure” whether the anticipated cage fight with Musk will take place.

At an internal meeting at Meta, an employee asked Zuckerberg when the anticipated cage match will happen, reports Gizmodo.

To this, Zuckerberg responded: “I don’t know. I don’t have any kind of official update on this. I mean, as you all know, I love fighting. It’s maybe a second place pastime for me beyond building things, where building things is my number one love, fighting might be number two.”

The talk of the fight initially started when Musk in June replied to a tweet about the news that Meta was releasing a Twitter competitor.

“I’m sure Earth can’t wait to be exclusively under Zuck’s thumb with no other options. At least it will be ‘sane’. Was worried there for a moment.”

To this, a user replied, “Better be careful @elonmusk I heard he does the jiu-jitsu now”.

“I’m up for a cage match if he is lol,” Musk replied.

Then, Zuckerberg posted a screenshot of the Tesla CEO’s tweet with the caption “send me location”. Later, both were seen training Jiu-Jitsu.

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