MP, not Rajasthan, recorded highest number of rape cases: Raj DGP

Jaipur, Jan 16 (IANS) There is a misconception that Rajasthan ranks first in the country when it comes to the number of rape cases, said Rajasthan Director General of Police Umesh Mishra, here on Monday,
While presenting an account of the achievements, innovations and schemes of the police at the police headquarters here, the DGP said, “The truth is that Madhya Pradesh ranks first when it comes to the number of rape cases reported, followed by Rajasthan. Also, the main reason why Rajasthan is placed second is uninterrupted registration of cases.”
Addressing mediapersons, Mishra said, “The national average of pending cases is 29.3 per cent, while it is 12.9 per cent in Rajasthan. On the other hand, the national average of conviction percentage is 28.6 while it is 47.9 in Rajasthan.”
“It is also noteworthy that out of the total cases of rape registered in our state, 41 per cent are found to be false, while at the national level the percentage of false cases is only 8. This shows that many other states either do not register cases, or start investigating the complaints without registering them.
“In Rajasthan, the police are given clear instruction that there should be no delay in registering rape cases. If there are false cases, legal action will be taken against those who register false cases. In 2022, there has been a total increase of 68 per cent in the proceedings against those who got false cases registered as compared to the previous year,” the DGP said.
The senior officer added that Rajasthan ranks 12th when it comes to cases of rape of minor girls, while Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu occupy the first three positions, respectively.
Also, Rajasthan comes first in disposal of cases of harassment of women, the DGP said.
Mishra added that cyber criminals, drug addicts, criminals possessing illegal weapons and land mafias are being closely monitored in Rajasthan.
“In the last four years, rape accused were sentenced to death in 12 cases, rigorous imprisonment of 20 years or life imprisonment were awarded in 466 cases, while other punishments were given in 750 cases. In 2022, the court awarded death sentence to the accused in five cases, 20-year rigorous imprisonment to life imprisonment in 209 cases and other punishments in 209 cases,” the DGP said.
Mishra also said that reception rooms have been constructed at the police stations to create a good environment for the complainant. So far, reception rooms have been set up in 841 out of a total 915 police stations.

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