‘Most Indian deaths in UAE linked to stress’


Dubai: Natural deaths among Indian expatriates in the UAE are mostly caused by stress-related ailments, ac-cording to figures released by Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

According to the embassy records, among the 403 deaths registered in 2009, about 71 percent were natural deaths but mostly caused by stress-related ailments. About 90 percent of the problems that cause stress among Indians are employment related.

At a seminar, Promotion of Workplace Mental Health —Corporate Social Responsi-bility Perspective, the officials said that only 10 percent of the grievances received by the community welfare wing of the embassy were personal problems.

Indians, who number around 1.7 million in the UAE, are the single largest expatriate community in the country.

Diabetes, CVA  (cerebrovascular accidents or strokes)  and cardiac ailments are said to be the stress-related ailments that caused these deaths.

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