Moscow warns London for ‘provoking’ Kiev

Moscow, April 26 (IANS) The Russian Ministry of Defense has warned Britain that London’s direct provocation of the Kiev regime to strike targets on Russian soil will result in a proportionate response.
Western advisers in Ukrainian decision-making centres will not be a problem as part of the response, Russia said, RT reported.
“The Russian Ministry of Defense drew attention to the statement of the deputy head of the British defense department, James Hippie, that ‘it will not necessarily be a problem’ if the weapons provided by the UK to Kiev are used to strike targets on Russian territory,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.
Such provocation in the event of an attempt to implement such strikes by Ukraine “will immediately lead to a proportional response”, the ministry stressed.
“Advisers from among the nationals of one of the Western countries, located in Ukrainian decision-making centers in Kiev, ‘will not necessarily be a problem’ when Russia makes decisions on retaliatory actions,” the Ministry of Defense said.
Earlier developments show that the British authorities will send 120 armoured vehicles and anti-ship systems to Ukraine as part of the next package of military assistance.
Meanwhile, Russias starting position is that atomic war should be unacceptable and Moscow successfully persuaded the US and other nuclear powers to agree on that back in January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov outlined in an interview.
However, he added that the situation has since deteriorated to the point where there is a real and serious threat.

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