Morning’s best time to exercise

There are many reasons why you should exercise in the morning and not late in the evenings as some people may be doing…

– Early mornings are one of the best times to workout. Though it may seem tough at first, once you start, you’ll feel exhilarated.

– Getting done with your workout first thing in the morning means you are less likely to use job or family obligations as an excuse to skip it.

– It’s proven that working out bright and early boosts metabolism and gives additional energy, making one more productive throughout the day.

To motivate yourself…

– Change is the name of the game. Ensure that your workout is a little different every morning. Vary your walking route or the pace of your exercise. Don’t let boredom be an option.

– Schedule your workout to coincide with the sunrise. It will help make your morning workout fulfilling, psychologically as well as physically.

– Give yourself a reward. Have a special treat planned upon your return from your workout session like a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. After all, nothing motivates like rewards.

– One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to lay out your exercise clothes and shoes the night before. You’ll be less likely to change your mind about heading for your workout when you see everything ready to go.

– And here’s the best one, sleep well. Try to get at least seven hours of good and deep sleep if you’ll be working out in the morning. Once you’re well rested, you’ll be more motivated to follow through with your morning workout routine.

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