More than terror & corruption, people are worried about unemployment

New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANS) The latest IANS C-Voter State of the Nation 2021 survey has revealed many surprising details about the perception of politics in the country.
As per the survey, people are most concerned about unemployment, a feeling accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequent impact on the economy.
As per the survey, people continue to be worried about vaccine and the impact of the pandemic on the society at large. Surprisingly, people did not blame Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the current situation. The survey clearly shows that people have directed their anger at the Chief Ministers. It also reflects the clarity in the minds of the people about what a Prime Minister can do and what the Chief Ministers should be doing.
The survey also shows that the farmers’ protest elicited polarised response from the people. On one hand, on Day 1 of the protest, people felt that the farmers’ agitation is a very important issue and requires urgent attention of the government, while on the other hand, a section of the people felt angry at the farmers’ protest.
Another unique finding of the survey is that corruption has gone down as the biggest worry during the NDA regime. This was not the case when the UPA was in power.
Issues like price rise and poverty have gone up in the minds of the people. Surprisingly, even terror attack as an issue also ranked very low on the scale of people’s priority. It also shows that PM Modi has been able to work well on the issue of corruption and terrorism and the image of the government has been well managed. On the other hand, mundane issues have gone up in the priority of the people.
The survey also reflects that when it comes to implementation of schemes, people attributed their success and failure to the state governments. People did not even blame the sitting MLAs, as the blame went to the Chief Ministers directly, who are being treated as CEOs of the states.
On the other hand, people also did not blame the Central government on issues like lockdown and farmers’ protests. The survey highlights a crucial point that even if there are issues directly linked to the Prime Minister’s initiative, people still repose a lot of faith in Modi. Even the lockdown and the consequent difficulties faced by people did not erode their faith in the Prime Minister.
The survey was carried out among over 30,000 respondents across the country.

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