More than 3 lakh Indians visited Australia in 2017

MUMBAI: Number of Indians travelling to Australia grew by 15.2 per cent in 2017 to 302,200 mainly driven by a focused strategy of strengthening the country’s position as a preferred long haul destination.
In 2016, 259,900 Indians travelled to Australia, according to data by Tourism Australia.
About 70 per cent of Indian visitors travelled to Australia for leisure (211,500) in 2017.
About 39,000 visitors travelled for business, 19,800 for employment, 18,100 for education and 14,100 for other purposes.
Among travelers under leisure, 75,900 visitors were on holiday and 135,600 were visiting friends and relatives.
“As a part of the strategy, a key goal was defined to achieve 3,00,000 Indian arrivals into Australia by the end of this decade (2020), a milestone that has been achieved three years ahead of the defined target date,” Tourism Australia country manager, India and Gulf, Nishant Kashikar said.

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