More EU visas demanded under trade deal


London: India is seeking between 15,000 and 20,000 extra British, 7,000 German, and 3,000 French visas.

India is reported to be demanding thousands of extra visas for its workers under a multi-billion pound trade deal it is negotiating with the European Union (EU).

According to media reports, India wants up to 50,000 extra visas a year spread across EU’s 27 member-states under the proposed India-EU free trade agreement with Britain said to be under pressure to cough up 20,000 of these.

“In return for the visas, the trade deal put forward by the Indian government is expected to be worth at least £4 billion a year to the EU. Britain is expected to win about half that trade, providing a significant boost to exports,” the report said.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills said the proposed deal would deliver “significant” economic benefits to Britain.

A spokesman said “strict criteria” were being negotiated to ensure that only highly-skilled workers were allowed to come in.

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