Modi’s spectacular victory brings India a new era of prosperity

By Sampat Shivangi, MD National President Indian American Forum (IAFPE)
Jackson, MS: It is a spectacular victory for NDA and a personal victory for Narendra Modi who has created history in modern democracies of the world. We Indian Americans send our heartiest congratulations for leading New India to progressive India in the coming years.
Of course, Modi has led India and has brought lot of credibility in foreign affairs and made India a power to reckon with. He has traveled all the continents and made friends and has given the prestige to India that was long overdue. India is a no more a third world country and has stood the test of time and has been recognized as one of the top 6 economies in the world.
Modi’s handling of recent post Pulawama response and standing up to china in Doclam has proved him to be a tough and savvy negotiator. India has been recognized that by the year 2030, to be third ranking nation next to US and China.
We should project our strength and economy in the coming years. I do realize the difficulties and foresee lot of challenges in the coming months in India-US trade issues. President Trump has already branded India as a King of Tariffs. President Trump has a tendency to intimidate other nations to fall in line with his thoughts and desires. I think with such a resounding victory Modi has achieved, I hope the Government of India will stand tougher and of course be reasonable in international trade talks that may be coming in next few weeks as they have been on hold due to the recent elections.
We, the Indian Americans, will definitely bring pressure and political clout to impress upon US, the importance of balanced and fair trade agreement with India. We do not want another impasse as we see with US-China trade and we do not want India to be another China.
Our suggestion to Prime Minister Modi is, India should send a strong and know-ledgeable team to lobby the White House and US Congress and we, the Indian Americans, will assist in whatever way to make sure the trade negations are fair and equitable.
India also have to face simmering issue between US and Iran that will definitely affect India, as India is one of the two top importers of Oil from Iran and recent sanctions and tensions would definitely affect India and the India’s economy. India has special trade relations with Iran and Iran has been accepting rupee payment which is a big foreign exchange saver for India. Besides India is using Iranian port for trade and shipment in that region. Any rifts and tensions between US and Iran will make a difference in India-US relations as India will be at the receiving end.
Of course we will have new minister of External Affairs as Sushma Swarajya did not contest. Hopefully India will have a strong and forceful External Affairs minister to lead India in World affairs and at United Nations and work towards getting a place on the UN Security Council which is its rightful place in the World body.
Once again we wish Prime Minister Modi a successful second term and hope India will see new era of prosperity and a rightful place in the world.

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