Modi to speak to Putin, India concerned party in Russia-Ukraine conflict: Shringla

New Delhi, Feb 24 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the current situation in Ukraine, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said on Thursday, terming India as a “concerned party” in the conflict.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak to Russian President Putin on the prevailing crisis,” the Foreign Secretary said in a media briefing here on Thursday night.
He also said that External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has spoken to a number of ministers from European Union and those from neighbouring countries, which will help in the evacuation of stranded Indian nationals from Ukraine.
About being a stakeholder, the Foreign Secretary stated, “We are in touch with all. Whatever we do will be in the interest of our people.”
He further said, “We have been in touch with all the parties, both as a member of UNSC, and as a country with stakes in that region where Indian nationals are stuck.”
The official said that 4,000 Indian nationals have left Ukraine.
Earlier in the day, the Indian Ambassador to Ukraine, Partha Satpathy, said the situation is highly tense and very uncertain, which of course is causing a lot of anxiety.
Satpathy said, “I am reaching out to you from Kiev. Today early morning, we all woke up with the news that Ukraine is under attack. The air space is closed, railway schedules are in flux and roads are crammed.”
Satpathy requested everyone to stay calm and face the situation with fortitude.
The Embassy continues to remain open and operate in Kiev, Satpathy added.
He urged Indian nationals to stay put wherever they are, in their familiar locations.
“Those who are in transit, please return to your familiar places of habitation. Those who are stranded here in Kiev, please get in touch with your friends and colleagues in Kiev, universities and other community members, so that you can temporarily lodge there,” he said.
The Ambassador said, “We have already reached out to the Indian diaspora and have requested them to assist you to the best of their abilities.”

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