Modi govt not playing by the rules: Kapil Sibal

Gandhinagar, Oct 2 (IANS) On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in Ahmedabad, senior Congress leader-cum-lawyer Kapil Sibal said that democratic and Gandhian values are at stake in the country, as the present government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not playing by the rules of the democratic game.
Delivering the Girish Patel memorial lecture on the theme ‘India in the Age of Modi’ on Saturday, Sibal said, “He (Modi) doesn’t play by the rules of the game. And your children will suffer because of that. If you have the umpire in your pocket, how do you play cricket? All the democratic institutions are controlled by the government.
“In order to understand India in the age of Modi, we need to look at the kaleidoscope. You cannot fit it into a single mould. You just take the education policy. If you go to Arunachal Pradesh and Maharashtra, you will find different policies for education. You cannot apply a single policy across the country,” said Sibal.
The Congress leader said that even the education policy introduced by the present Modi government is not a new one.
“It’s actually my drafted document which they had rejected. And now they have brought in the same thing as their own policy.
“In a democratic country like ours, you have to understand the different points of view. The problem in the age of Modi is that they are not ready to accept others’ views,” Sibal said.

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