Modi exploring options to take IPL to US


New Delhi: Indian Premier League (IPL) Lalit Modi and USA Cricket’s chief executive Donald Lockerbie are exploring options to take the IPL to the US.
Issues ranging from infrastructure and developing cricket stadium in the US and the possibility of Americans bidding for future events such as the IPL-inspired Champions League Twenty20 were discussed by the two bosses at a meeting in Dubai.
The North American continent has emerged as the second largest market in terms of revenue and viewership for Indian cricket,” Modi said in a statement.
The IPL and USA Cricket have also agreed to work jointly on a master plan to bring the IPL to the US .
“Lalit knows the American landscape and its competitive importance in the world to marketing any great product. The IPL is a powerful new product in the sports industry and we will work hard to see USA Cricket and the IPL succeed together and energize the growth of cricket in our country,” said Lockerbie.

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