Modi bets on urban transformation amid pandemic, invites global investors

New Delhi, Nov 17 (IANS) Emphasising on the transformation of urban landscapes in the post-Covid era, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday invited global investors to invest in India’s urbanisation plans, mobility among other sustainable solutions.
Speaking at the Bloomberg New Economic Forum, Modi said that the pandemic has brought about a need to redesign the urban centres and make them more liveable for people keeping in mind the environmental aspect along with modern technology and conveniences.
“If you are looking to invest in urbanisation, India is an exciting opportunity for you,” he said.
He further said that India is also a suitable investment destination for mobility, innovation and sustaiale solutions.
The Prime Minister said that the government will keep “no stone unturned” to make India a preferred global investment destination.
He said that the government’s initiatives of Digital India, smart cities, affordable housing are initiatives towards making cities more liveable and and affordable.

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