Modi attacks Cong for ‘criminal negligence’ on defence production

Jodhpur, Apr 22 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday accused successive Congress governments of “not letting” the country become self-reliant in defence production after Independence, and termed it a “criminal negligence”.
At an election rally here, Modi said when India got Independence, the country had a 150-year experience in defence production and had 18 operational ordnance factories.
“On the other hand, China had no factory in defence production during that period. But now the neighboring country is not only self-reliant in that sector but is also an exporter,” he said, adding when he came to power in 2014, he pushed defence production which has increased manyfold now.
He also questioned the Congress’ policy of zero-tolerance against terror.
“After the 26/11 attacks of 2008, the Congress had promised zero tolerance against terrorism in its 2009 manifesto.
“In Pune there was a blast, the Congress remained tight-lipped as if nothing had happened. Mumbai was rocked by blasts… still the Congress’ lips were sealed. There were blasts in Delhi….in Patna, but the Congress didn’t react,” Modi said.
He said that during the UPA government, Pakistan “defamed” India on global platforms. The world started believing Pakistan’s false narrative but the Congress and its allies remained in slumber and served their vote bank politics, he said.
“This was the time when you gave a chance to ‘chowkidar’ in 2014 and the result is in front of you today,” Modi said.
“Ab kahan gayi Pakistan ki wo hekadi (where has the bluster of Pakistan gone now?)” Modi asked. “Today, India kills terrorists in their homes.”
He claimed the Congress manifesto blows Pakistan’s trumpet. They want to remove the army from Jammu and Kashmir, they want to strip the army of its special powers, he said. “Is it not an insult to martyrs?”
Instead of believing valour of the forces, “they trust Pakistan’s propaganda” and are spreading disinformation, the PM alleged.
“The Congress is all about vansh-vaad (dynasty) top-to-bottom and therefore it is afraid of talking about rashtra-vaad (nationalism),” he said.
He also attacked Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, saying he is “roaming around in the streets to save his son” and not the Congress.
The party has fielded Gehlot’s son Vaibhav from the Jodhpur Lok Sabha seat.
Modi alleged the Congress was threatening to raise taxes on the middle class if it is voted to power. “Can the country progress if the middle class is harmed?” he asked.
“The Congress is an enemy of the middle class. They are saying that middle class is greedy. If they come to power, they will increase taxes to such an extent that the middle class will remember forever,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that in the last five years, he has worked to rectify “historic mistakes” committed by Congress governments while the opposition party found and hurled new abuses at him.
He held the rally in support of BJP candidate from Jodhpur Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, who is the sitting MP and a Union minister of state.
BJP state president Madan Lal Saini and other leaders were present in the rally.

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