Mock me, but answer about your corruption: Rahul to PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi today saying that he “doesn’t mind being ridiculed as long as the PM answers citizens’ questions” about his alleged corruption, and takes responsibility for “attacking the poor” with demonetisation.

“In Gujarat yesterday, I asked him two to three questions about his corruption,” Rahul said, referring to his allegation that the PM took “huge payoffs from industrialists” when he was chief minister of Gujarat.

“He didn’t answer any of those questions, instead he ridiculed the questions. Make fun of me all you want, but you have to answer citizens’ questions,” Rahul said.

Earlier today, the PM ridiculed Rahul and his statements about a “political earthquake” and said- without naming the Congress vice president – that his joy “has had no bounds since he learned how to give speeches.” Modi also said that in 2009 “it was unclear what was clear in this packet, now it is clear”. He was again ridiculing Rahul’s intelligence and strategy.

Rahul retaliated to that too.

He tweeted a picture of a list with Modi’s name, with dates and rupee amounts next to it; the reference was to “packets of money” that he alleges the PM got from industrialists.

“Modiji why don’t you tell us what’s in these packets from 2012/2013?”

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