Mobile dhyanam for Jayalalithaa


Chennai: A “spiritual” family in Manapakkam in Chennai has hit the road in a mobile meditation van to tour the state for getting the people to pray for the victory of AIADMK leader J. Jaya-lalithaa.

Their dhyana ratham was blessed by Amma at her residence on March 12 evening. The family includes two nine-year-old kids and they will pray and do dhyan for Jaya’s victory.

Talking about his “holy” mission, realtor M. Kamaraj, 48, said: “If people meditate collectively, Amma will gain physical and mental strength to win elections. Our prayer will be a combo of cultural skits and meditation.” He said there is enough space in his dhyan van for visitors to join in the meditation.

Kamaraj has trained his son Srikanth and nephew Sunil for the road show.

“In the 30-minute skit, my children, dressed up like MGR and Jayalalithaa, will discuss the ills of the DMK regime. They will dance to the songs enacted by MGR and Amma in their movies. We will ask people to join us to meditate for Amma’s grand victory,” said Kamaraj’s wife Manju.

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