‘Might be killed but my fight will go forward’: Swapna Suresh alleges hush money offered to her

Thiruvananthapuram, March 9 (IANS) In new startling allegations, Kerala gold smuggling and Life Mission cases prime accused Swapna Suresh on Thursday claimed that she was offered a large sum of money purportedly on behalf on the state’s ruling CPI-M to handover all the evidence she has and relocate to north India or even abroad.
In a Facebook Live session, she claimed that she has been offered Rs 30 crore by Kannur resident Vijaya Pillai who said that he has come on the instruction of the CPI-M.
“This happened three days back and I was called by this Pillai a few times. So I went with my children to a hotel in Bengaluru. He said that I should leave Bengaluru for either Haryana or Jaipur and should hand over all the evidences for which I would be given money to rehabilitate myself,” she alleged.
Swapna Suresh then said that Pillai told that CPI-M state Secretary M.V. Govindan is very angry and said if she doesn’t agree to this settlement, then there will be no more such talks.
“Govindan has said that I should come and tell the people that I was lying all the time. Then I was offered Rs 30 crore and a duplicate passport so I can have a new life in Singapore,” she alleged.
“I was also told that (UAE-settled billionaire businessman) M.A. Yusuf Ali and (another Middle East-based businessman) Ravi Pillai have also been served a notice to appear before the Enforcement Directorate,” she said.
She went to allege that Pillai informe her that since Yusuf Ali is a hugely influential person and has shares in a few airports in Kerala, she might be trapped by placing contraband in her luggage.
“They either want me to leave and if not, put me in jail for three years by placing contraband in my luggage. I have made up my mind that from now on my only aim in life is to bring out the truth about (Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi) Vijayan and his entire family who have huge business interests and how they are using these businessmen – Yusuf Ali and Ravi Pillai – as their ‘benamis’ (proxies),” she claimed.
“Death is sure for me, but Swapna Suresh has only one father and will fight till the last. With the present ED probe, truth has started to come out slowly and I will not withdraw from what I am doing now till I see the truth comes out. Govindan wants to kill me. So even if I am not there, my lawyer and my family will take the fight forward,” she alleged.
Meanwhile State BJP president K. Surendran said now it is time for Govindan to come clean on the allegations.
“What we should look into is… Swapna first said about M.Sivasankar, the former Principal Secretary to Vijayan and senior IAS official and see where he is now (in jail), then she said about C.M. Raveendran (Assistant Private Secretary to Vijayan) who has been questioned extensively by the ED. So none can say, what she has said is false . Let the authorities take this forward and bring out the truth,” he said.

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