Meet This Sadhu ‘Computer Baba’

Bhopal: The 52-year-old ‘Computer Baba’ has been in the news recently for protesting against the government of Madhya Pradesh for interfering in the working of the temples. His name might amuse you or make you laugh. But a look at his money, power and fan following will wipe that smirk off your face.

Swami Namdev Tyagi, representing the Digamber Akhada of Indore, is known as Computer Baba because he claims to have a computer-like brain, and a very sharp memory. He is also given this name because; he is always seen with a laptop in hand.

The baba keeps himself armed with all the latest gadgets, including wi-fi dongles, mobile phones and even a helicopter!

Yes, he made ripples at the ghats of Ganges (literally) when he asked the authorizes to allow him to arrive in a chopper and take a dip in the river during Kumbh mela in 2013.

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