Meet the teen Spiderman

London: At 13 years old Hibiki Kono may come across as any other super hero fan.

But the school goer has proved that his ingenuity sets him apart from other teens – using two 14.98 pound Tesco Value vacuum cleaners he has invented a machine that allows him to climb walls like his favorite Spiderman.

Hibiki, who attends King’s College School in Cambridge, developed his incredible climbing machine in school technology lessons.

Hibiki spent five months designing and making the gadget, which comprises two giant sucker pads attached to the 1,400-watt cleaners.

Vacuum suction allows the user to grip the wall and support his weight.

“I used to dress up as Spiderman when I was younger and I love all the films,” The Sun quoted Hibiki, as saying.

The lad added: “So it’s great to be able to climb walls like him. I’ve climbed up the school wall but I’m not allowed too high.

“It’s not scary and I completely trust the machine.”

Hibiki’s design technology teacher Angus Gent said: “I’m hugely proud of him.

“When he came to me with the idea at the beginning I had my doubts — but once he proved it could be done I encouraged him.

“He developed it himself, which is amazing for someone of his age.”

Headmaster Nick Robinson added: “We’re thrilled with his hard work. He went up a wall for assembly and it was amazing.”

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