Media must expose human follies


By Udayshanker Kasinadhuni
Via e-mail

The media are generally accused of feeding the frenzy of public for sensational stories and accordingly the rich and famous become easy fodder.

The gullible masses derive great pleasure in seeing their larger-than-life idols dethroned from their high pedestals. Idolatry is rampant in all our societies because we identify ourselves with our idols and the more human they turn out to be that much closer is our identity with them. That is why we worship an unknowable God by humanizing Him. Even Lord Rama could not escape the ignominy for abandoning His pregnant wife, or even Lord Krishna for His polygamy. The more human our idols are the better and stronger they turn out to be for worship.

That is why the media have a moral as well as civic obligation to expose the human follies of these larger-than-life celebrities and stars whom we adore so much for only then our identification with them will be fulfilled. It is only fair that the public should be made aware of both successes and errors of their living idols — otherwise they would be doing injustice to impartial journalism.

The rich and famous have to pay the price by loosing their freedom that is inherent in anonymity. There is no free ride in this world.

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