MAYFAIR POLO claims title of The Christmas

New Delhi, Dec 24 (IANS) MAYFAIR POLO claimed the title of The Christmas Cup by defeating MD POLO in the inaugural tournament of Mumbai Polo season 2022-23.
Amateur Riders Club hosted the inaugural tournament of 76th Annual Polo Games of 2022-23 season of Mumbai at Mahalaxmi Race Course – The Christmas Cup (4 goals tournament).
The matches were played in the round robin format with the participation of three teams in the 4 goals tournament.
Finale of the tournament played between the teams MAYFAIR POLO and MD POLO. There were 4 chukkers played in total by both the teams. Team MAYFAIR POLO donned the blue color jersey and team MD POLO were playing in grey & black color outfit.
“The team MAYFAIR POLO played with the combination of the following players – Anay Shah, Jayvirsinh Gohil, Mitesh Mehta and Danniel Otamendi. Team MD POLO played with the combination of the players – Rahul Dwarkadas, Ziyad Madon, Dinyar Madon and Simran Shergil,” the statement read.
Participated players are ranked on their previously played and globally recognised performance ratings ranging from -2 to +10 called or known as handicap.
In the first Chukker, Mitesh Mehta secured the opening goal for MAYFAIR POLO. He started his game with well controlled performance by showcasing skills on his horse which turned out to be fabulous to watch for the viewers. In the second half of the first Chukker Mitesh Mehta again scored a goal which took his team to lead 2-0 against MD Polo.
In the second Chukker, Rahul Dwarkadas scored the first goal for MD POLO. Both the teams played with the fighting spirit by showcasing their skills and potential of sport with their horses. Just before the half time of Chukker two Mitesh Mehta scored another goal and made his hattrick of goals by taking of his team lead to 3-2 against MD POLO.
In the third Chukker, both the teams were playing aggressively and pushing to score goals against each other. In the second half of third Chukker Jayvirsinh Gohil and Danniel Otamendi secured goals for MAYFAIR POLO to take the lead to 5 goals against MD POLO who were only able to secure 3 goals till the third chukker.
In the last chukker of the finals, Danniel Otamendi scored another goal through penalties which took MYFAIR POLO to an unprecedented lead against MD POLO with the score difference of 6-3. Just before the final buzzer of the game Simran Shergill scored goal for his team but they fell short of their target.

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