Mayank Nagpal figures in Limca Book of Records for BASE jumping

New Delhi, March 2 (IANS) An extreme sports athlete, wingsuit pilot and a skydiving coach – Mayank Nagpal has become the first Indian to figure in the Limca Book of Records in BASE jumping as he dived from all four platforms including buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs, during both day and night.
For the World BASE number, he jumped from the Perrine Bridge, USA; a cliff at Idaho, USA; a mobile antenna at Gua Damai Xtreme Park, Malaysia; and an under-construction building in Delhi. For the night BASE number, he jumped from the Perrine Bridge, USA; an antenna at Idaho, USA; an under construction building in Delhi; and Gua Damai cliff, Malaysia which has not been performed by anyone else before.
Speaking about his accomplishment, Mayank said: “I am overwhelmed and extremely proud to mark my entry into the prestigious Limca Book of Records. I have been passionate about sports since I was a child and developed a passion for adventure sports during my work tenure. My passion for extreme sports including BASE jumping combines both thrilling adrenaline rush and scientific precision. I set out to perfect my skill on it back in 2014 and had my eyes on the goal of setting this record.”
“While this record brings a tremendous sense of personal achievement, I’d like to use it to motivate more people from all walks of life and across ages to pursue their dreams against all odds and make them come true. I also hope this will inspire more people to take up adventure sports and see it in a serious light, not just as a hobby,” Mayank added.
BASE Jumping is by far one of the most dangerous and extreme adventure sports in the world; the risk in it is inherent and it needs years of practice, perseverance, and precision. Mayank’s achievement is a testament to his dedication and pursuit of passion for extreme sports.
Mayank started his journey of extreme sports in 2012 and has also been awarded with a recognition in India Book of Records in 2019. With an adventure sports track record spanning over 800 skydiving and wingsuit jumps and approximately 200 BASE jumps, he has earned credited licenses and ratings by the United States Parachute Association (USPS).

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