Maximum Shramik specials reached UP, started in Gujarat

New Delhi, May 25 (IANS) Of the 3,060 Shramik special trains run across the country ferrying over 40 lakh passengers up to 10 a.m. of Monday, maximum trains reached UP. In terms of origin, Gujarat topped the list.
While 2,608 Shramik special trains terminated, 453 were on tracks, the Railway Ministry said, here on Monday. On May 24, 237 Shramik specials were run, transporting 3.1 lakh passengers.
The top five states/UTs from where maximum number of trains originated are Gujarat (853), Maharashtra (550), Punjab (333), UP and Delhi. The top five states where maximum number of trains terminated are UP (1,245), Bihar (846), Jharkhand (123), Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.
Meanwhile, the Railway Ministry said the rail route congestion, witnessed on May 23 and 24, was over. “The congestion had occurred due to convergence of more than two third rail traffic on routes to Bihar and UP and late clearance of terminals due to following of health protocols,” it said.
Apart from Shramik specials, the Railways are also running 30 pairs of special trains, connecting New Delhi, and plans to start 200 more trains from June 1.

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