Master bedroom from Vastu aspect

By Kalpesh Joshi
The word “Master” always attracts our attention at Home. Today, we are talking about the Master Bedroom and its significance in accordance with the Vastu principles. Generally, the Master Bedroom is one of the larger Ensuite rooms for the head of the family in the home. As per Vastu Shastra, it is not limited to that as it has lots of important things associated to it such as familial responsibility, social status and personal life. All of these things bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness among family members. That’s why we should consider balancing the five elements of the universe in our master bedroom so that we achieve our goals of taking care of our family as a part of our responsibility.

Let’s look at some important things we should consider while choosing the Master bedroom, either it designing in a new home or making changes in an existing home. Most importantly, we should know what direction the Master Bedroom is situated in the home. The Master bedroom should be in the South-West corner of the home, as the South-West corner is considered to be the heaviest corner in entire home. Heavy as in the responsibility of the decision-making person. This means if you are in the South-West corner of the home, you can take care of your family more responsibly and the other family members will follow you. By doing that you bringing more family harmony among family members. Try to design your master bedroom in the South-West corner and enjoy your family life.

Now we know which is the most suitable direction to have the master bedroom, so next step is how to make this room more luxurious by placing furniture which is comfortable and looks good in the master bedroom. The most important thing is the direction you should have the head or headboard of your master bed. The most preferred direction is the West, so that when you walk up you face the East. An asset of the Master bedroom is the dressing area and closet for the lady of house. We need to be careful when arranging the dressing table with the mirror, as the mirror should not be kept in front of the bed. The reason is because the mirror reflects any object into the opposite direction, that means if you are sleeping in your bed having your head West, but the mirror reflection will make it that you have your head in the East. Secondly, the mirror always reflects energy onto you and you don’t want that while you are sleeping. You can have a mirror in your bedroom but it should be at the appropriate location.

The interior of the bedroom can be made Vastu Compliant if you follow simple staples. Mainly colors, one can choose any color of their choices as long as it is not too dark. You also can have different colors on each wall or make custom wall art. The bed should be wood and should not have any mirror or glass decorations on the headboard. Try using light or bright colored linens for the bed and curtains. The Ensuite can be on the South side of bedroom and avoid placing a bath tub North or South. Paintings and sculptures should be placed on the North and East wall. The door should open on the right hand side inside which helps your life partner to spend more time with you in that room. In case of double doors, have both doors open inside.

Certain things are very important to know about master bedroom and that will help you to eliminate some personal issues and allow strong bonding with your partner. Do not place the god picture or idol in Master bedroom. Also no family pictures in Master bedroom except you and partners picture. Avoid keeping unfinished sculpture or sculptures which are not complete like statues without hands or other body parts. This might create a negative environment in this room. Also avoid keeping valuable, cash, jewelry in the washroom or washroom closet. If you can take care of these things then you will enjoy your love life as well as gain respect among family members.

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