Mansore on ‘19.20.21’: This movie will educate people about their rights

Mumbai, March 5 (IANS) Film ‘Act 1978’ director Manjunatha Somashekara Reddy (Mansore) talked about his latest Kannada feature film ‘19.20.21’ which is based on real-life incidents of human rights violation.
The movie stars Shrunga B.V., Balaji Manohar, M.D. Pallavi, Rajesh Nataranga, Avinash, Mahadev Hadapad and Venkatesh Prasad in key roles.
Director Mansore shares: “This is its first kind of realistic, humanity movie in Kannada after a long time. It’s a story of a small community of people whose fight for fundamental rights, and their courage inspires every citizen of India.
“This kind of cinema is much needed because a large number of people really don’t know about their own constitution and their fundamental rights.
“They almost forgot that they have the right to question the ruling government for their basic needs. So this movie will educate those people about their rights and at the same time it will give a thrilling experience too,” he adds.
Speaking about the USP of the film, the director adds: “When it comes to the audience, this film will make them experience something they haven’t seen in their life or something they haven’t heard. They will get to know what is the worth of a common man, what is the strongest support they have in our constitution, and how to constitute and protect a common man. This film will definitely educate them about our constitution.”

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