Mamma Mia!

New Delhi, Sep 26 (IANS) Everyone understands the importance of exercising. However there are many who do not like to do the same monotonous steps every day.  With the advent of the fun and fitness combination Zumba, the individuals can leap ahead of the boring exercises and indulge in fun while they burn the extra calories. It involves the elements of dance and aerobics so as to make fitness fun.
Tapping the foot on latest numbers and enjoying while exercising is the basic idea behind the Zumba classes. It is a workout where each move enhances the capacity. It makes the individual enjoy the sessions and at the same time increase the flexibility.
So there are millions of youths practicing this fitness exercise cum dance cum aerobics. However with women there is the most beautiful phase and that is pregnancy.  Regular exercise during pregnancy can improve health, reduce the risk of weight gain and back pain, and may make delivery easier. Pregnant women can choose from a variety of safe pregnancy workouts like stretching, yoga, walking, swimming and so on. And if you were doing zumba before pregnancy, you can continue with the workout, but must reduce its intensity by 30 per cent. Sucheta Pal, Ambassador and Educator of Zumba Fitness, recommends two zumba formats suitable for pregnant women.
Zumba Gold: Pregnancy is a time when a woman feels a sudden change in herself — both physically and emotionally. Zumba Gold is an effective exercise she can liberate herself from this pressure.
Zumba for beginners means low intensity exercises suitable for pregnant women. A liberating, fun routine with music can be refreshing for the mother and baby. As a matter of fact, music and dance have a positive impact on the growth of fetus.
Aqua Zumba: Water gives pregnant women better access to their body which is trickier on land. With Aqua Zumba, they can build their core strength, and improve body flexibility and balance, thus improve their posture. Expecting mothers also experience swelling, which Aqua Zumba can help reduce.
Additionally, a good amount of physical exercise prepares your body for childbirth. This means that you may have to experience less labor pain during delivery. At times, women also feel stressed during the course of pregnancy but aqua zumba can be a beneficial and effective way to release all the unwanted stress.
Tip: It is good to be a fitness freak but the problems like weight gain or tummy tuckers can actually be dealt with after nine months too. Also during Zumba or any other type of exercise ensure that all signs should be dealt with preference. So feeling of giddiness, chest pains, contraction in uterus should not be taken lightly. And if any kind of discomfort is experience it should be notified to the doctor immediately. Seek approval from your gynecologist before you start a Zumba session. Get your fitness routine designed from licensed instructors based on your gynecologist’s suggestions.

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