Majority feel India is opening up too fast, too soon: Survey

New Delhi, July 10 (IANS) India is opening up too fast and too soon is the majority view as the government expresses concern over crowds at hill stations, as per the IANS CVoter Live Tracker.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said that crowds at tourist spots are worrying.
To a question on if India is opening too soon and too fast, 53.31 per cent of the respondents of the IANS CVoter Live Tracker said ‘yes’, while 34.34 per cent said that India is not opening up too fast but people are becoming careless.
Compared to other states, the Covid-19 cases in Kerala are not decreasing rapidly. To a question if Kerala could become the epicentre of the third Covid wave in India, 45.97 per cent said ‘yes’ and 35.91 per cent said ‘no’.
The tacker had a sample size of 1,314.
The CVoter NewsTracker Surveys in India are based on a national representative random probability sample as used in the globally standardized RDD CATI methodology, covering all geographic and demographic segments across all states.
This daily live tracker survey is based on interviews of adult (18+) respondents across all socio-economic segments. The data is weighted to the known Census profile. The standard margin of error is +/- 3 per cent at national trends and +/- 5 per cent at regional/zonal trends with 95 per cent confidence level.
As many as 50.56 per cent respondents in the tracker said that younger leaders from smaller states like Anurag Thakur and Kiren Rijiju can hope to become national leaders, or even the Prime Minister a few years later.
A total of 35.67 per cent respondents said that it is very difficult for younger leaders like Thakur and Rijiju to emerge as national leaders and even more difficult for them to become the Prime Minister in a few years’ time.
As many as 45.61 per cent of the respondents said that young India needs young politicians and a young Cabinet, while 41.56 per cent said India doesn’t need just young politicians and young Cabinet, but a combination of young and experienced leaders.
To a question in the survey on if India needs younger and dynamic leaders as Governors instead of retired politicians, 51.05 per cent said ‘yes’, while 37.65 per cent said India needs a combination of young and experienced politicians to hold the Governor’s post.
To a question on if India should crack down on Twitter for not complying with Indian laws, a huge majority of more than 70 per cent said ‘yes’.
An overwhelming majority is still wearing masks as 75.06 per cent said they wear masks when they go out while 18.31 per cent said they don’t wear a mask.

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