Main Entrance as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra has always been an interesting subject nowadays in society, as well in the corporate world. People may tend to ask about the direction of your home. The most prominent component of Vastu are the directions of which your home or business office face. That is prime topic of discussion. We should feel privileged to have our home facing the right direction. However, there are some people in the world who are ignorant about Vastu Shastra. They would think that there’s no such thing as good or bad direction; and that all directions are good directions. Sometimes, this could be for the sake of proving themselves as different from the crowd. These people try to prove Vastu Shastra, also known as “Indian Architecture” wrong, or not helpful in daily life. Therefore, Vastu helps in eliminating negative energy and enhancing positive energy in home and working environments.
There is a difference between one’s house & one’s Home. If you aspire for a happy home, then I suggest you try Vastu principles, whilst seeing the change and progress in your personal and professional life. According to the sciences of Vastu, the main direction of your home makes a significant difference in one’s life. While choosing new home, you make sure you know what the best direction is for you and your family, which is favored to bring peace, prosperity and happiness in your home. You can also apply this concept for your existing home, by checking if your home has the directions and whether or not it is bringing happiness. As the saying goes, “the little things matter”, so don’t be misinformed or unenlightened about this topic, as this can be for your own benefit.
Essentially, there are 4 main directions and corners. Each direction and corner has its own symbolic influence to the occupant(s) living in that premises. Every single human on this earth will have one of these directions, and today we talk about some of them and how they influence us and also how we can turn things around in your home.

East: is considered to be a good direction which brings name, fame & good health.
North-East: is considered to be spiritual corner which brings more harmony, spirituality and vision.
North: is considered to be good direction for financial growth, prosperity and progress.
South-East: is good direction for restaurant & automotive industry.
South: is good direction for manufacturing unit, night clubs & bar.

Here are some examples we have seen; if you want better influences for natural energy flow, you need to follow a certain principal of Vastu Shastra. The main entrance door makes major difference in our lifestyle and what we are trying to achieve in life.

Door: Wooden door with light or natural color is most advisable, if it is single door then it should open clockwise on the right-hand side inside. The nature flow of energy flows in clockwise manner which will bring positivity to your home.
Double Door: Wooden double doors opening inside are considered very good as they bring universal positive energy into your home. Essentially, they will make your Home as divine as a temple.
Sliding Door: Usually, we have a sliding door when there is a special constraint. This kind of door is considered a neutral door which does not let positive energy in or out of your home.
In conclusion, all directions are satisfactory as they are created by nature, but the correct placement of certain articles will maximize the potential for happiness, peace, and prosperity in your home.
Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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