Maharashtra govt launches ‘Go Girl Go’ campaign

Mumbai, Jan 10 (IANS) The Department of Sports and Youth Services of Maharashtra has launched an initiative to strengthen and empower girls across the state through sports. The initiative has been titled the ‘Go Girl Go’ campaign and has been initiated with Khelo India Youth Games 2020 — which began on Friday in Guwahati — with the participation of 304 girl athletes.
More than 11 million girl students are expected to be a part of this campaign. The primary aim of the campaign is to improve the fitness level of girls, increase their participation in sports and get them placed for national and international level competitions.
The campaign will focus on creating a conducive environment for girls at the school level. Schools will conduct fitness assessments, exclusive sports events, and personalised nutrition guidance. They will also conduct regular workshops to talk about the importance of fitness and sports.
Special initiatives will be planned to scout talent in rural areas and support athletes who prove their talent. The campaign will be part of the Mumbai Marathon, Khelo Games, National Games and other prominent events across the country.
“We are excited to launch this campaign, it will ensure good health and improved fitness level of all girls in Maharashtra. We are sure it will improve our ranking in the International medal tally,” said Om Prakash Bakoria, Commissioner of Sports and Youth Services, Maharashtra.
“With this campaign we see Maharashtra setting a great example for the nation. Fitness and sports will improve the vibe of the nation and can break barriers created by colour, caste and creed,” said Xtraliving Pvt Ltd CEO Rishikesh Kumar.

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