Loss of employment biggest concern of urban Indians: Survey

New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS) As the pandemic has severely impacted the employment scenario and several sectors still remain fragile, loss of income or employment remains the biggest personal concern of urban Indians, according to a survey.
The WEF-Ipsos survey showed that at least two out of three three Indians (67 per cent) are deeply concerned about losing of income or employment in 2021.
Around 65 per cent of urban Indians fear frequent occurrence of weather-related natural disasters and 64 per cent fear deteriorating health.
Some of the other concerns that came up included worsening social prejudice or inequality, more difficulty accessing training or education and more difficulty accessing digital tools and technology.
Global citizens on the other hand are most concerned about deteriorating health (62 per cent), mental and physical, 61 per cent fear loss of personal income or employment, while 60 per cent worry about more frequent occurrence of weather-related natural disasters.
“India is in the recovery mode after a difficult 2020, and the fear around salary cuts and job loss is still haunting most urban Indians. There is a lurking fear of trimming of workforce as a likely recourse, some employers could adopt for better financial performance, though it might not happen, but the fear persists,” said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.
“Likewise, natural disasters due to global warming have of late shown frequent occurrences and continue to worry many,” he said.

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